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What exactly is a Puppy College? 

    Over the years we found that some clients simply don't have the facilities or time to start a puppy in the field.  Yet once properly started most of our clients can bring their pup along to fulfill their highest expectations for a personal hunting companion. 

     We have taken it upon ourselves to work closely with select  trainers to teach them the finer points of The Westwind Way so they will be able to properly introduce one of our client's pups to both birds and the gun. 

     An approved trainer takes very few dogs, has clean kennels and treats all of the dogs under their care with love and affection.  They have agreed to charge our clients a flat fee for the two to three month time frame it takes to to complete Puppy College.  

     As one of our clients you can expect that when you get your pup back from an approved Puppy College it will know how to find birds, point, back and retrieve as well as "come" "heel" "whoa" and "kennel" -  ready for you to take to the field and get your pup the experience required to make it a fine personal hunting companion.

Yet another Westwind innovation!